This is my new project which I am collaborating with String Virtuoso. The concept of my special tasks is to discover the hidden pieces of music from the double bass and to re-publish the pieces as Urtext. Sometime the arrangement is far too much with its own taste and what the composer actually wrote is lost. I mean this is not the case when a beginner is first learning a piece, the phrasing, slurs or such pointers are very helpful. Only the version that has been edited too much goes on like a Chinese whispers from person to person that nobody notices. 
In any case, the most important thing is that the composer’s words are performed by the player and it is only help If the editor’s thing is also given: At the same time, it is particularly important to me that my editing is enjoyed from amateur to professional without technical or musical problems.

Otherwise I am currently working a lot for chamber music ensembles, as we have little literature for our instrument anyway. To make this possible with other string instruments, the double bass is often tuned in F with high C string so that the player can concentrate on the music without any technical problem.

Following pieces are currently available:
Giovanni Bottesini: Fantasia I Puritani
César Franck: Sonate pour piano et violon (work in progress)